Blum-Novotest – a measured approach

Blum-Novotest – a measured approach

17th May 2019

In machine tooling, accuracy is everything, especially for the aerospace and automotive industries – if a part is even just fractionally the wrong size, it could have to be scrapped. But this is where Blum-Novotest comes in – its measuring systems can ensure a part is the right size down to the minutest detail.

Blum-Novotest supplies a range of high-precision measuring equipment to OEMs in a range of sectors, including aerospace, automotive and other manufacturing and engineering sectors. The equipment is manufactured at Blum-Novotest’s headquarters in Germany, before being shipped to its UK base in Burton-upon-Trent.

“We have a team of dedicated engineers who install the products and provide full training on how to use it, so customers get the full benefit from the systems they have had installed,” said Paul Hodgkinson, technical sales engineer at Blum-Novotest. “The aim of Blum-Novotest is to ensure that each part is produced exactly as it should be. It is about repeatability and ensuring the part is measured in the machine ensuring minimal downtime and minimal operator involvement.

“Blum-Novotest provide a complete turnkey solution. We work with end users to understand their requirements and then put a solution in place that fits their business needs. We can take them from full design of the system to installation then training and ongoing support afterwards.”

Flexibility here is key, as every business has differing requirements. “Aerospace companies have different requirements to automotive ones and sub-contractors have different requirements again,” said Hodgkinson. “Aerospace are chasing [accuracy of] microns, so they want high precision. With automotive it is more about speed – getting the parts out quickly – and general sub-contractors it is about low-cost, high accuracy and minimal downtime.”

This will be the first time that Blum-Novotest has attended the Made in the Midlands Expo as an exhibitor. “We will be showcasing our LC50 DIGILOG, the next generation of laser measuring technology – it is highly accurate, very fast and easy to install and replace parts,” said Hodgkinson.

While it was only introduced last year, the LC50 DIGILOG is already a multi award-winning piece of technology, he added. “We will also be bringing with us a range of our touch probes as well.”


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