CEJN Has Been Pioneering From the Very Start

CEJN Has Been Pioneering From the Very Start

25th April 2019

There are some companies who can boast a long history of innovation which can be traced back to the very start of their operations. CEJN is one such company. Carl Erik Josef Nyberg (C.E.J.N.) designed and patented a revolutionary quick connect coupling that overcame many of the shortcomings of previous designs. It dramatically simplified handling and provided reliable, efficient connections.

In 1955 he invented a new kind of quick connect coupling which would become the start of the CEJN Group’s rise to industry success. CEJN UK Ltd is part of the CEJN group, manufacturing a varied array of products that are designed to fit into the core industries in which they operate. Their customers are well aware that CEJN have been leading the way in cutting-edge designs of quick connect couplings for decades, and that’s just one of the reasons they keep coming back to do business with them.

Chris Brown, Sales Manager for CEJN, discusses the breadth of the company and its long-reaching reputation: “Any industry which uses a connector of sorts, we have got a footprint within.” Whatever their industry, CEJN’s customers are usually already experts in their field - which is why they recognise the importance of working with a company that puts safety and efficiency first.

On this point, Chris emphasises the company’s passion for making their products as safe as possible whilst maximising efficiency: “From the bottom up, it’s always been safety first - cost is always the last consideration.” When it comes to manufacturing connectors, especially for such high-pressure uses, there’s no room for corner-cutting.

From blood transfer technologies in the medical industries to anti-whip valves, CEJN’s products are frequently used in situations which demand ultra-reliability at all times. CEJN ensure that the safety measures taken in production are four times what they should be in every scenario.

Chris explains how CEJN are now pushing forward with their marketing and branding efforts, hiring a new marketing specialist and delving into the world of networking and exhibiting. You can find them at the upcoming Made in the Midlands exhibition, where you can discover first-hand why they’re leading their industry and setting the utmost standards for safety and efficiency.


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