How Bauromat is changing the perception of automation

How Bauromat is changing the perception of automation

8th May 2019

The development of robots that can undertake complex manufacturing tasks continues at pace, yet some business owners remain wary of it, worried that using it may result in redundancies. But this is not the case and Bauromat is showing how automation can benefit a business.

“You can’t just kick people out of the shop floor and stick in a robot,” said Dom D’Angelillo, marketing coordinator at Bauromat. “You need someone to load and unload the system, to maintain it, to program it – and these are skills people can be trained in. There is no point getting rid of staff and then thinking you need to employ someone to do all this with the robot – you might as well train the people you have already.”

D’Angelillo added that there is wide scope for automation to improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing businesses in the UK. He added that the UK lags behind many European and Asian companies in terms of using robotics in factories. “When we exhibit at shows, customers know they have to automate and there is massive scope of possibility in robotics for improving productivity.”

For instance, Bauromat recently worked with a company in Northern Ireland to introduce automation. They were manually welding a part, which took about eight to 12 minutes to do, but by using a robot to do that job, that time was cut by 65%, which increased efficiency and productivity.

Bauromat will be pushing the message about automation at the forthcoming Made in the Midlands Expo, including videos and case studies highlighting success stories. The company will also be highlighting its new line of HiArc compact welding cells, which are aimed at customers who want to get into automation but are not necessarily sure how to do it. The HiArc cells start at £45,000 and are marketed as a simple plug-and-play device to increase productivity.

D’Angelillo added that Bauromat also offer customers the opportunity to train on robots as part of the package. “We wouldn’t want to send out a robotics system not knowing if anyone at the factory could use it. We encourage them to learn.


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