Kadant Paal: Fast, Efficient, and Always Improving

Kadant Paal: Fast, Efficient, and Always Improving

26th April 2019

In 2016 the Paal Group was bought by an American company called Kadant, and from there Kadant Paal Limited was born. Founded in 1981, Kadant started off as a family-run business and, despite the massive growth and development which the company has seen, they still maintain the same family-oriented approach in all of their operations.

Today, Kadant Paal are known throughout the UK as the leading supplier of recycling, compaction and waste handling equipment. One reason for this is the absolute care they put into every step of their process; they are fully ISO:9001 accredited, all of their products come with a CE mark, and each machine they supply is meticulously checked and accompanied with a Certificate of Conformity.
This dedication to excellence extends into everything Kadant is involved with - especially their employees and the products they produce. Mick Shaw, Managing Director at Kadant, describes the working environment as being a “continuous improvement culture,” going on to explain how the efforts of their dedicated staff mean that any request made by a customer is usually handled by an engineer in the same day, and most certainly within 24 hours.
In terms of equipment, Kadant’s latest design is known as the quietest on the market - just one example of how the company steer far from complacency, and are always looking to improve and increase their knowledge. Mr. Shaw also discusses how Kadant are always looking to increase efficiency internally, through adopting a new remote diagnostics and support system for their equipment, and also through utilising Lean manufacturing initiatives, succession planning, actively taking on apprenticeships, and developing employees through specialised leadership modules.
What all of this amounts to is a company which remains on the forefront of the recycling, compaction and waste handling industry through total dedication to innovation, pushing boundaries, and recognising the strength in valuing their employees and customers alike.
You can visit Kadant at the upcoming Made in the Midlands 2019 expo, where they’ll be ready to discuss exactly how they can help you, and also to make valuable connections. “If you produce waste as a result of any of your processes,” says Mr Shaw, “then we can significantly help with the cost of handling that waste.”

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