Lanemark turn up the heat with a new test furnace

Lanemark turn up the heat with a new test furnace

24th April 2019

Gas burner manufacturer Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd is turning up the heat on its competitors with the forthcoming completion of its new test furnace, which will enable the company to re-test current and prototype equipment.

The new furnace, alongside modification of its existing research and development facilities, mark a considerable investment for the company. The furnace and corresponding equipment will be suitable for process and high temperature applications, according to Adrian Cadman, Sales Manager (Process Burners) at Lanemark.

Nuneaton-based Lanemark designs and manufactures gas burners for the process industry and also offers installation, commissioning, service and spares services to companies in a wide range of industrial sectors. In addition to supplying standard burners, Lanemark can also design bespoke combustion systems to fulfil any specific customer requirement.

The new furnace is just one way in which Lanemark is expanding currently. For instance, the company has recently introduced indirect air heating combustion systems and is looking to review its FD range of burners, Cadman added.

Alongside this, Lanemark has also recently expanded its production facilities, including new respiration equipment, a new TIG welder and a new certified TIG welder.

“We have recently expanded our fleet to include an additional two vehicles, increasing our response times to customers who require service engineers to maintain their equipment or breakdown situations,” said Cadman.

With the increase in the available product range, Lanemark is due to commence work on a new extension to the factory allowing more space of manufacturing and assembly work.

Finally, Lanemark continues to expand its team, and is currently recruiting for a new position within its sales department. This is in addition to the company’s ongoing commitment to training the next generation and engage in apprenticeship schemes. Several apprentices have just completed their training at Lanemark.

Lanemark is returning to exhibit at the Made in the Midlands Expo this year and will be showcasing a range of its products on its stand.


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