LEMA – encouraging young people to make the right engineering career choice

LEMA – encouraging young people to make the right engineering career choice

10th May 2019

There are many brilliant careers available in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, but it isn’t for everyone. This is something that apprenticeship and training provider Lean Engineering and Manufacturing Academy (LEMA) has recognised, and it offers a six-week pre-apprenticeship to young people so they can decide if it is the right career for them before embarking on a course.

“All of the young people that apply to us spend six weeks with us where we identify with them if engineering is right for them,” explained Tammy Leipacher, Commercial Manager at LEMA. “It is all about work experience, placements and getting them ready for the world of work.

“We get young people who do decide it is not for them, and we’d rather they do that in those six weeks than start work and three months down the line make that decision. There are also some youngsters who aren’t ready for work and we can identify them and support them in finding other training that is more appropriate for the stage they are at.

“We do a lot of work with young people about what is expected of them in the workplace, such as timekeeping and attendance, and we also get employers to come in and talk to young people about what they expect and what their industry is all about to give them a really good insight into it.”

LEMA has two sites, one in Dudley in the Black Country and the other in Central Birmingham, offering a range of apprenticeships in engineering and manufacturing. It also differs from other training providers in that they recruit four times per year, whereas most tend to have one start date, usually in September. “So, if an employer is looking to expand and wants an apprentice in February, we can accommodate that.” said Leipacher.

As a long-standing member of Made in the Midlands, LEMA has exhibited at previous Expos and is returning again this year. On the day, team members will be there to talk to employers about what LEMA offers, as well as a couple of apprentices who will talk about their experiences.


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