Lloyd's Rhys Herbert returns for MIM Expo 2020

Lloyd's Rhys Herbert returns for MIM Expo 2020

28th February 2020

Rhys Herbert, Lloyd's Banking Group's senior economist, will be returning to the MIM Expo 2020 as a keynote speaker. Last year, Rhys spoke to manufacturers about the uncertain times ahead due to Brexit. However lots has changed in a year, what will he be talking about this year?

According to Senior economist Rhys Herbert, Economic uncertainty was extended in the UK last year and Brexit was affecting the confidence of many businesses. However, this year manufacturers and business owners alike are certain that the UK has left the European union. On 31st January 2020, Brexit went through and government are now working towards issuing new regulations. 

Predictions from the IMF anticipate around £7 Billion worth of investment coming into the UK economy over the next 24 months, as well as experiencing a trade surplus. The question is, will Rhys' speech touch upon this at this year's Expo? 

The Lord Whitby of Harborne and Chairman of the Made in Group recently said:

"It's not just the removal of uncertainty that we start 2020 with, we're leaving the European Union with confidence! A view shared by Independent think-tanks who are also predicting a bounce in terms of investment and optimism."

Last year, there was standing room only in the seminar area at the Made in the Midlands Expo at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on June 20 for Rhys Herbert’s talk. He spoke extensively on the economic outlook for the second half of 2019, backed up with figures from Lloyds Banking Group. 

In 2019 global growth had slowed , especially in the Eurozone, and this had a pronounced effect on the manufacturing sector. He added there are also concerns in emerging markets and the US in regard to manufacturing. 

Senior Economists are responsible for studying the production and distribution of resources, goods and services by collecting and analysing data, researching trends, and evaluating economic issues. Attend the MIM Expo to discover what Rhys will talk about. Click the link below to get your FREE tickets.




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