New products set to boost ActOn Finishing

New products set to boost ActOn Finishing

24th April 2019

Mas finishing applications provider ActOn Finishing is expanding its range of products and services with a series of product launches in 2019.

As the UK’s leading expert in the design and development of machinery and consumables for mass finishing applications, ActOn remains the only manufacturer of such equipment in the UK. This includes solutions for vibratory finishing as well as high energy finishing and waste water treatment. All the equipment is suitable for a range of applications such as deburring, descaling, polishing, cleaning, mirror finishing, radiusing, smoothing and drying.

“We are the only manufacturers in the UK of this type of equipment and we very much focus on process development, which is tailored to our customer needs. Moreover, all materials and machinery are subjected to extensive testing at our laboratory, ensuring the efficiency of our process is continually improving.”, says Adriana Crisbasan, Executive (Marketing) at ActOn.

ActOn’s first product launch of the year came at the end of March, with the debut of the ActOn Portable Media Screening Unit. This is designed to separate used finishing media which can cause to lodgement in holes, slots, bores and blind holes of components. The Portable Media Screening Unit enables customers to separate the undersized media by moving the screening unit near the mass finishing machine or underneath the machine door. Using this system, the downtime can be reduced up to 50%.

ActOn’s new fully automatic centrifuge AAC-36 offers greater efficiency to remove solids from the effluent. The system offers a range of unique features including auto pH sensing and correction. This system is compact, easy to use and maintain and offers excellent value to customers looking to find a solution to treat  waste water.  

A new shot blasting line is also set to be introduced later in the year. If you want to find out more about the ActOn shot blasting range, you can follow them on Twitter ( and LinkedIn (

The company’s expertise extends further with ActOn offering mass finishing training should customers want to learn more about such operations. “In addition, subcontract services are available for customers who prefer to utilise ActOn’s specialist skill to do the finishing in house, whether that is vibratory finishing services, high energy, shot blasting or precision polishing,” said Adriana.

The Portable Finishing Media Screening Unit is not the only product to be highlighted on ActOn’s stand at the Made in the Midlands Expo. “We will also be talking about our Centrifugal High Energy finishing range. This technology can be 15-20 times faster and produces superior finishes. It is one of the most efficient batch finishing methods on the market.

“In addition, we will showcase a large range of finished components, which means visitors will be able to gain first-hand impression of the results they can achieve using our technology. They will also be able to find out how mass finishing can help them reduce processing times in comparison with manual finishing. Learn how to produce a consistent finish and avoid high part rejects rates.” said Adriana.


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