Rise of the robots - Iconsys’ flexible solution

Rise of the robots - Iconsys’ flexible solution

26th April 2019

Robots are critical in many aspects of manufacturing today, enhancing productivity and quality. While traditionally they only undertook specific tasks, the technology has advanced to have robots working and moving autonomously and in collaboration with other robots or humans.

And now Telford-based Iconsys is combining the two - a robot that can move around independently, while also working collaboratively with humans.

“We have a solution combining an autonomous mobile robot with a collaborative robot,” explained Neil Moss. “Manufacturers are facing numerous challenges, having flexible manufacturing solutions to adapt to their customers ever changing requirements is key.”

This will be a key element on Iconsys’ stand at the forthcoming Made in the Midlands Expo. Iconsys attended the 2018 Expo showing Virtual Reality Robot Simulation, and Moss said the company picked up many leads from it. “Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to implement automation and that’s something we can help them with,” he said. “Improving productivity, reliability and quality.”

Moss added that further mobile robotic developments are in the pipeline for Iconsys. “It is a growing area and will continue to be in the coming years. The more manufacturers see the capabilities of mobile robots, the more ideas they will have to utilise those robots within the manufacturing environment.”

In addition to its robotics expertise, Iconsys can provide systems integration services. “We have the resources and expertise to specify, design and implement automation systems as retrofits, upgrades and new turnkey project solutions, incorporating drive control systems, PLC including Safety, machine vision, SCADA and HMI,” said Moss.

Iconsys will also be showcasing its Scalable Predictive Maintenance partnership with Senseye. The new service provides everything manufacturers need to put in place automated conditioning monitoring and predictive maintenance systems across their production environments, including the collection, storing and automatic analysis of data. The service can include the retrofitting of older machinery with smart sensors if required.

Iconsys also provide a rapid system support service. “We have a dedicated team of professional engineers and technical experts who are solely focused on first-line support for current and legacy automation and process control equipment. Service support is available from both our Telford HQ and Milton Keynes offices”

All this is backed up by Iconsys’ emergency 24/7 breakdown response service.


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