Save the date: Made in Group announces dates for 2020 Expo

Save the date: Made in Group announces dates for 2020 Expo

13th December 2019

The Made in Group is pleased to announce that the dates for both the Made in Yorkshire and Made in the Midlands exhibition in 2020 have been confirmed, with it being the biggest years for both regions!


Made in Yorkshire will be hosting the Made in Yorkshire Exhibition 2020: Uniting Yorkshire Industry on the 21st of May 2020. Whilst Made in the Midlands will be hosting Made in the Midlands Exhibition 2020: Uniting Midlands Industry on July 1st 2020. 

In previous years, and continuing in both 2020 expositions across every stall and in every corner, new connections will be made, potential partnerships will be formed, and delegates across various industries will be introducing and promoting their companies at every opportunity.

Tickets for Made in Yorkshire are available now, you can click here. Tickets for Made in the Midlands will are also available, you can access tickets by clicking here here. 


Wednesday 1st July | Ericsson Hall, Coventry

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