Staysafe Are More Than Living up to Their Name

Staysafe Are More Than Living up to Their Name

25th April 2019

Staysafe are a unique company offering a valuable service. Before they came along, UK businesses were spending huge amount on their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and, moreover, were simply disposing of their unfit gloves, eyewear and protective trousers to be taken to landfills.

By laundering industrial gloves and workwear from collection bins, Staysafe are able to recycle the fabric for reuse. Protective workwear, for example, are among the most common PPE to be discarded once they have been deemed unfit for use - Staysafe will gladly take them, put them through their thorough process of repairing, cleaning and drying, and then sell them back to their originators for 33% - 50% of the initial price.

Due to both their absolute dedication to sustainability and because they are the only company totally reusing PPE, Staysafe have already seen massive growth - increasing by 300% in the last year. Far from slowing down, new contracts with two major car manufacturers means that the business will double again in the coming months.

“All we’re trying to do is stop as much as we can going to landfill,” says Denise Brinton, Business Manager of Staysafe. “The environmental cause is foremost in our minds.”

This attitude of positive progress can also be seen in Staysafe’s donations to local charities. Conservation groups benefit from receiving recycled PPE so they can safely clear towpaths, and charities such as Crows Mill are supplied with much-needed safety clothing.

Denise Brinton states that though the process of individually inspecting and cleaning each article is very labour intensive, no shortcuts are taken; everything they use is washed to the same standard which the NHS use, so no bacteria is present on any of the fabric.

Opportunities such as the Made in the Midlands exhibition are essential for businesses like Staysafe as they provide valuable contacts and allow for a true insight into the value of this kind of work.

Staysafe will be once again be at the Made in the Midlands exhibition, ready to talk with anyone interested in reducing both spending and their environmental footprint through recycling their PPE.


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