Talisman - making security’s unsung heroes

Talisman - making security’s unsung heroes

25th April 2019

Tamper evident seals are commonplace today in a range of sectors - from healthcare to retail - yet you’d be forgiven for not even noticing them. However, these little seals play an important part in keeping people and products safe.

The seals, as the name suggests, are there to show if something has been tampered with or not. Talisman Security Seals have been manufacturing tamper evident seals since 1974 and have an extensive range available as a standard product, usually printed with a sequential serial number or customised to suit specific customer requirements.

Common applications for the seals include ambulances or resus trolleys in hospitals where there are sensitive medicines - Talisman tags can be used to ensure they are secure and haven’t been tampered with. Another healthcare application is when bagging up hazardous or infectious waste - a Talisman tag can secure it and provide an audit trail from when it was bagged to when it was incinerated.

“It is all about providing traceability for your waste or goods to give the peace of mind that they haven’t been tampered with or stolen. Or, in the unfortunate event they have been, that you can easily identify that,” said James Mulvale, business development manager at Talisman.

Talisman makes most of its products in-house at its factory in Malvern, Worcestershire, which gives the company an advantage over its rivals who in the main don’t do this, according to Mulvale. “We can offer UK-made products on a short lead time with a low MOQ, so you aren’t waiting several weeks for orders,” he said. “This gives us more flexibility to produce custom products - whether it be a unique colour or print it is not an issue for us to make that on a short turnaround.”

To maintain its place at the forefront of the sector, Talisman has invested in new management software for machines across the factory to provide better reporting and improve efficiency. More investment in equipment is planned to improve manufacturing time and capacity.

The range of tamper evident security seals will be the focus of Talisman’s stand at the Made in the Midlands Expo.


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