Tri-Tech 3D Are Maximising Possibility and Efficiency in 3D Printing

Tri-Tech 3D Are Maximising Possibility and Efficiency in 3D Printing

26th April 2019

When it comes to big names within the emerging world of 3D printing, Tri-Tech 3D are known throughout the UK as the leading experts in every aspect of 3D printing for manufacturing and design purposes. In 2017 Tri-Tech were acquired by the Stanford Marsh Group, an entity deeply rooted within the CAD, Autodesk software, and 3D printing markets, allowing Tri-Tech to push their boundaries even further.

Catherine Aspinall, Marketing Manager at Tri-Tech 3D, describes the working atmosphere of the company as being very dedicated and never complacent. With the growing awareness in all sectors about the huge capabilities offered by 3D printing, Tri-Tech consistently share their expertise and experience with manufacturers, designers and engineers of all kinds. They’ve become the go-to company for customers across the UK, and are always working to maintain their position at the top.
Ms. Aspinall explains that a major element of Tri-Tech’s efforts involve educating and training their customers on the possibilities offered to them by their 3D printing equipment. The scope for creativity and innovation with this technology is huge, and so Tri-Tech are always working on a variety of projects for a diverse range of clients.
“Not every company runs the same - so we have to take a very tailored approach with each project,” states Ms. Aspinall.
Tri-Tech also strive to cover all bases in terms of 3D printing needs; last year they announced the launch of their new division, The 3D Print Academy, through which they actively train customers through their comprehensive and bespoke courses. As with everything Tri-Tech does, these services aim to maximise efficiency of companies whilst highlighting precisely where they can be saving money and how to get the most out of their 3D equipment.
The Stanford Marsh Group closed their 2019 financial year with a consolidated turnover of £21.5 million - 35% of which revolves around 3D printing, with this figure only looking to increase. Ms. Aspinall also highlights the recent boom in their 3D Print Bureau, coinciding with the start of the Formula 1 season - an industry in which they’re heavily involved.
Tri-Tech’s products can also be seen on an upcoming CBeebies stop-motion programme, truly showing the breadth of the company and the diverse possibilities for their expertise.
You can discover these possibilities for yourself by visiting Tri-Tech 3D at the upcoming Made in the Midlands 2019 expo. As well as their friendly and knowledgeable staff, they’ll be bringing along their MakerBot Method 3D Printer - which, as Ms. Aspinall notes, will be of particular interest to many visitors as it is still very new to the UK market.

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