WinMan ERP Software Are Helping Manufacturers By Centralising Their Resources

WinMan ERP Software Are Helping Manufacturers By Centralising Their Resources

8th May 2019

As industries grow, expand and adopt new technologies and innovations, it can often be very difficult for a company’s systems to keep apace. Workarounds and labour intensive manual processes can multiply and culminate in businesses effectively being run on Excel spreadsheets and pieces of paper to support an already overloaded accounts package. This makes effective reporting and gaining insight into business performance virtually impossible, and can often lead to major inefficiencies and result in customers being let down.

This is where WinMan ERP Software comes in. WinMan provides an all-in-one solution for companies to help them maximise their productivity and run as efficiently as possible.

By supplying integrated business systems for manufacturing companies, WinMan are bolstering the capabilities of their customers across all sectors of manufacturing. From stock control and accounting, to MRP, manufacturing, warehouse management and customer & supplier databases, their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software looks after all business needs in the most streamlined way possible.

“It’s all there in one place - everything is available as one central truth which can be utilised by everyone in a company,” explains Steve Whitehouse, Marketing Manager at WinMan. “We’ve been developing, implementing, selling and supporting WinMan for 25 years, and we’re constantly developing our product to meet new challenges for manufacturers.”

The software itself is wholly designed and developed in-house by WinMan’s own software engineers. Not only does this give them full control over the quality and flexibility of their products, but it also allows them to offer a more tailored approach, over and above the highly capable off-the-shelf solution, where applicable.

One example of this is the highly flexible workflow capabilities of WinMan which can automate the shipping process of a company, ensuring that predefined emails are automatically sent out to customers once packages are shipped. These kinds of automated processes greatly improve efficiency and save the time it takes to carry out such tasks manually.

As well as promoting development internally, WinMan also look to develop talent in the wider industry through the training of apprentices, of which they currently have two gaining valuable, hands-on experience as software engineers.

For those interested in ERP Software and the vast array of benefits it can offer, WinMan will be exhibiting at the upcoming Made in the Midlands expo. They’ll be eager to meet new customers and contacts, hear about their business needs, and showcase their products.


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