WMG Brings Out the Very Best in Manufacturing Companies

WMG Brings Out the Very Best in Manufacturing Companies

8th May 2019

First founded back in 1980, WMG was designed to revitalise the manufacturing industries through collaboration with business. Today, that vision is more than being upheld as WMG continue to utilise their expertise and experience to help businesses of all sizes push further and achieve more.

“We have the best job in the world,” says Dr. Paul Milne, Project Manager in WMG SME Group. “We’re tasked with helping businesses.” Paul is part of a team within the University of Warwick which is dedicated to working with manufacturing companies to help tackle their challenges as effectively as possible.

WMG work primarily with the transport and automotive industries, but their broad expertise means that they are able to take on all kinds of manufacturing challenges across sectors. “The door is open to all,” claims Dr. Milne, who goes on to explain how, through the implementation of various Digital Manufacturing practices (such as Industry 4.0), many aspects of an organisation’s operation can be made much more effective and productive.

This includes improving visibility around what’s happening on the shop floor, monitoring the data which provides insight into shortcomings, and making sure each resource is allocated to the right place. Dr. Milne states that: “The work at WMG is really at the forefront of rolling out digital manufacturing across the UK - we’re more than happy to speak to companies who are keen to get involved.”

When it comes to working with a business, WMG take an approach of collaborative partnership. The customers are the foremost experts in their own operations, and WMG are at the forefront of improving manufacturing through research and technology. The end result is a business which is streamlined, more efficient, and is better prepared for the future.

A good example of this can be seen in their work readying companies for the electrification revolution. With impending legislation and the more progressive minds of consumers, it is a good time for businesses to be expanding with the future in mind. WMG are here to help their clients get a strong, early start in this emerging market - and are the organisation best equipped to do so.

WMG also look to inject new and rising talent into firms via their internship scheme. This gives small companies the opportunity to define a transformational eight-week project on anything from new product development to implementing a new manufacturing process. The intern makes use of WMG’s equipment, resources and support to bring fresh thinking to the company’s challenge. In this way, WMG offer an opportunity which goes far beyond a common industry placement.

You can visit WMG stand H01 at the upcoming Made in the Midlands exhibition, where they will be waiting to talk to visitors about their vast capabilities to improve productivity through technology. “Made in the Midlands has been our best route to finding manufacturing businesses,” says Dr. Milne. “We help a lot of companies - and we want to help a lot more.”


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