Building Unparalleled Confidence With S&S Plastics

Building Unparalleled Confidence With S&S Plastics

24th April 2019

S&S Plastics have come a long way since their inception back in 1989, beginning with just a single injection moulding machine and progressing to where they are now fully equipped with a huge, state-of-the-art facility, from which they offer their renowned services to a myriad of clients across the UK.

With impressive engineering capabilities, specifically in injection moulding, tool design and manufacturing, S&S deliver their expert services across dozens of different specialised areas, with the majority of their work going to the pharmaceutical, medical, electrical and building industries.

Richard Munyard, Head of Business Development Manager of S&S Plastics, describes how the real key to the business lies in their commitment to being both practical and straightforward with their customers. Whereas many in the industry will proceed with a project no matter what, S&S looks at every individual case and adapts it into a realistic, workable plan, pointing out what will and won’t work, and advising on the best changes which reflects their commitment to attention to detail at every stage.

It’s this frank and practical approach, Mr. Munyard explains, which companies are in need of and is why S&S sees so much long-term business. “It locks the customer into a strong and fruitful relationship through our thorough, time-saving practices,” Mr. Munyard explains. “These companies need full confidence in whomever they work with.”

“We don’t want a quick fix, we want a long-lasting relationship with our customers,” states Mr. Munyard. In such unpredictable times, many companies are looking for UK-based industry experts who are entirely reliable - as such, new customers are constantly finding their way to S&S, and subsequently making the decision to stick with them due to their total commitment to project management.

When it comes to their staff, S&S place a lot of value in the training and development of the people who work for them. Mr. Munyard describes how team members are taken through apprenticeship courses whilst they work, effectively doubling down on their expertise and abilities: “We’re putting something back into the staff who have made a commitment to working here.”

Mr. Munyard also reflects on how difficult this industry can be for young engineers who wish to secure employment, and explains how S&S Plastics are working to widen the entry paths for young people by offering valuable career development. S&S prefer to keep a balanced workforce, mixing experience industry experts with young talent, ensuring that progress is always being made and passion is always being fostered.

You can find S&S Plastics at the upcoming Made in the Midlands exhibition, where they’ll be happy to guide visitors through their no-nonsense approach and demonstrate their dedication to quality service, honesty and growth.


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