Central Scanning – at the forefront of 3D technologies

Central Scanning – at the forefront of 3D technologies

10th May 2019

The growth of 3D scanning, 3D printing and the applications for it in the past five years has been phenomenal. Central Scanning has seen these developments first-hand – and has stayed at the forefront of them.

The company, founded in 2006, retails the full range of Artec 3D and Zeiss 3D scanners, as well as providing a full 3D scanning service, including reverse engineering, inspection and 3D modelling. It offers a comprehensive 3D printing service including full colour polymer resin-based 3D printing for a range of applications. The company’s customers range from Tier 1 companies through to small owner-operators.

“Over the years the printing market itself has grown immensely but the number of applications has changed a lot too,” said Nick Godfrey, director of Central Scanning.

Of these developing applications, reverse engineering is one of the most interesting. In essence, it means that an old component, that may not be made anymore, can be scanned and not only reproduced via 3D printing but also the data can be shared so others can replicate or modify it.

Central Scanning, which is based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, will be bringing examples of its reverse engineering to the forthcoming Made in the Midlands Expo, along with the full range of Artec 3D and Zeiss 3D scanners, complemented by a selection of the 3D prints the company offers.

While there has been plenty of developments in the market in recent years, the technology continues to evolve, and many companies are still waking up to the potential that 3D printing and scanning has to offer them.

“We are seeing more and more interest in 3D printing, people are starting to realise how it can make their throughput faster,” added Godfrey.

To this end, Central Scanning are developing their 3D printing capabilities – including offering 3D scanner rental services to customers – and other services, such as inspection. “If you give a company something to make, you tell them the specifications to make it to and we can independently validate that what the company has made is correct – we 3D scan it, compare it to the reference data and give them a report,” explained Nick. “That’s a growing market for us with more and more companies demanding to know that the products are correct when delivered to them.”


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