F1 Simulator Making a Pit Stop at the Upcoming Made in the Midlands Expo

F1 Simulator Making a Pit Stop at the Upcoming Made in the Midlands Expo

12th June 2019

With this year’s Made in the Midlands exhibition right around the corner, over 3,000 of the Midlands’ top decision makers in the manufacturing industries are set to convene and showcase what they do.

As well as getting unique insight into how the Midlands exemplifies the very best in UK manufacturing, visitors will be able to learn about all the latest news and innovations in 2019, network with top companies, and even step into a state-of-the-art F1 simulator.

Filling the Ricoh Arena hall will be the many designs, equipment, products and prototypes being brought by Made In members. From to lean software packages to 3d printers, visitors will be able to see first-hand the wide range of cutting-edge products and solutions being produced throughout the Midlands.

Last year, the F1 simulator proved to be hugely popular amongst attendees - and so we’re happy to reveal that it will be making a return once again!

Powered by the latest VR technology, the simulator involves visitors taking a seat in the replica car and strapping on the headset, which will immerse them into the cockpit and give them the opportunity to test their skills on a hot lap trial run. The fastest drivers will see their names up on a scoreboard, and at the end of the expo the person with the best lap will win a prize.

The simulator, as well as being an example of what modern VR technology can do, is a celebration of an industry which has gone hand-in-hand with UK manufacturing - particularly Midlands manufacturing - for decades.

The world of F1 requires nothing less than precision engineering and expert parts manufacturing. From companies who are designing and supplying F1 products and equipment, such as Yamazaki Mazak and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, to companies who are forming partnerships with top F1 teams, like Konecranes UK, Made in the Midlands members are involved in Formula 1 on multiple levels.

In a wider sense, the Midlands has increasingly drawn more and more interest and importance within motorsports since the end of the second World War, due to the vast number of talented engineers and unused airstrips which were ready to be repurposed. The 50’s and 60’s saw a period of growing competitiveness amongst motorsport companies, and this went on to fuel the innovation required for the teams to get ahead.

Over the next few decades, a myriad of top engineers and mechanics brought their expertise and new ideas to the Midlands region. The emergence and growth of manufacturing sectors like the laser cutting industry helped to expand the booming F1 market even further, and is just one aspect of manufacturing which works with the world of Formula 1 to produce innovative products which inevitably find their way into everyday technology.

So, with all that said, you can help to celebrate and champion the role Midlands manufacturing has played in the F1 industry by trying out the simulator at the upcoming expo.

Experience for yourself how far motorsports has come through VR technology and, more importantly, see if you have what it takes to get your name on the scoreboard - or simply top off your Made in the Midlands exhibition experience with a relaxing simulated lap behind the wheel.


Thursday 20th June | Ericsson Hall, Coventry

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