Lean Transition Solutions Ltd Are All About Embracing the Future of Industry

Lean Transition Solutions Ltd Are All About Embracing the Future of Industry

8th May 2019

When it comes to helping companies develop lasting solutions and maximising their efficiency, Lean Transition Solutions are at the forefront of their industry. Focused on providing valuable and tailored services to their customers, Lean Transition tackle every project with years of industry experience, expert designers, and a dedication to staying on top of all industrial and technological advancements.

Brett Griffiths, Director of Lean Transition Solutions, describes the process taken with every customer as being entirely tailored and suited to the needs and processes of each individual company. Mr. Griffiths explains that their high-level service is inherent in each project, and that the real focus is on the cost savings made to the customer, adding: “Quality is an expectation - much of our work is about cost reduction and lead-time suppression.”

In their industry, Lean Transition are well acquainted with the importance of staying on the forefront of innovation. “The drive forward in technology is all about change,” states Mr. Griffiths. With a dedicated software development team, they ensure that they are not only constantly bringing in new technologies, but are also teaching their customers how to use their products and demonstrating to them the individual, practical benefits of the software.

“Now is the time for businesses to get on the journey for Industry 4.0 and Leadership 4.0,” states Mr. Griffiths, going on to highlight the benefits seen by companies who get an early foot in the door in emerging industries. Lean Transition help to facilitate this foothold, guiding their customers into the next level of industry practices and helping them to establish a competitive foothold.

Currently in the process of moving into a new, 4,500 sq. ft office, Lean Transition is seeing rapid growth as a result of their bespoke, innovative and sustainable services. They’ll be bringing their dedicated and expert team to the upcoming Made in the Midlands 2019 expo, where they’ll be showcasing their products and offering free trials on lean apps and lean software for visitors.

Primarily, as Mr. Griffiths explains, Lean Transitions wishes to emphasise to visitors the benefits of getting onboard with innovative industry changes sooner rather than later, adding: “There is always a better way of doing it, and we can show you the most cost-effective way, and we can help with a step by step approach.”


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