Precision Innovation Over At TLM Laser

Precision Innovation Over At TLM Laser

16th May 2019

TLM Laser was founded back in 2006, where they started out as a laser system maintenance and servicing company, and have since grown into a prominent position within the industry. They now boast an impressive and diverse range of laser products, utilising the very best systems and employing their own expertise to deliver tailored service to their customers.

Staying true to their slogan, “Your productivity, our priority,” a major focus of TLM’s practices is maximising efficiency for the customer in terms of productivity, cost, and material usage.

Richard Hawkins, Business Development Manager at TLM Laser, discusses how it’s this expert-level of knowledge and industry experience which sets TLM apart. “As a machine distributor, we’re not just box-shifters,” says Mr. Hawkins. “We are very much specialised and we understand what we’re doing.”

Mr. Hawkins explains how TLM is always branching out, using the example of their latest foray into the packaging market. Working with pharmaceutical and food companies, they are utilising their knowledge to design bespoke packaging which is designed for full functionality, such as easy-rip packaging.

TLM Laser are also on the forefront of producing the most efficient packaging for fruits and other perishables. This kind of packaging is intricately designed with micro-perforations carried out to exact specifications, allowing for the optimal amount of airflow - providing up to two weeks extra shelf life compared to standard designs.  

As well as offering cutting-edge laser technology, TLM Lasers are equipped with their own in-house software designer. This allows them to truly cater to their customer’s needs, allowing each user to interact with the system interface in various ways which suit their specific requirements and methods.

Further ensuring that all bases are covered for their customers, TLM helps companies to make the right choices which will yield both immediate and future benefits. “We offer quality, longevity and real innovation to future-proof people,” states Mr. Hawkins.

To discover how TLM can do this for you, be sure to visit them at the upcoming Made in the Midlands exhibition. As well as their tailored and expert advice, they’ll have with them some prototype laser technologies equipped with the Mosaic system - just one example of the new innovations TLM Laser is excitedly taking on board to push their standards of safety and efficiency even further.


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