Several Steps Forward For Titgemeyer

Several Steps Forward For Titgemeyer

16th May 2019

With a true, deep-rooted heritage, Titgemeyer is an international group of companies leading the way in two main areas of industry: producing components utilised in transport technology, and developing fastening and assembly systems. As such, they’re recognised internationally as being the foremost experts in these areas.

“We’re not just a distributor and not just a manufacturer,” states Ian Styles, Managing Director for Titgemeyer UK, the UK sales subsidiary of the Titgemeyer Group. “Essentially, by understanding the complexities of both we can use our unique perspective to bridge the gap between customers and manufacturing to deliver solutions that add value.”

Mr. Styles discusses the importance of flexibility and versatility in the industry, citing how the designs and materials of transport components can often differ greatly between the UK and Conitnental Europe, demanding a certain ability to adapt to each market.

Another huge step forward for The Titgemeyer Group is the total rebranding of the company, involving a whole new look for the site and online shop. With all of their recent acquisitions - many of which have yet to be announced - it can be difficult to consolidate everything under one umbrella, and so Titgemeyer is taking this opportunity to ensure that they’re innovating on every level.

To further consolidate and promote this new brand identity, Titgemeyer will be attending the upcoming Made in the Midlands exhibition. Mr. Styles says that it’s important for the company to be taking “every opportunity to expose our new identity and branding,” also stating that the upcoming exhibition is the perfect place to showcase everything they’ve been working on.

“That’s why the Made in the Midlands platform is a crucial element to Titgemeyer’s success,” explains Mr. Styles. “If you’re not there, someone else will be.”


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